PC Tune up Software for Windows 7/8/8.1

Windows, the most coveted operating system for users, is also the muse of technical support providers and software developing firms. They always cherish to make use of the opportunities by offering Windows-compatible software or services to users. PC tune up software is one of the various software categories that stays abuzz with new disk cleanup, disk defragmenter, registry cleaner and other PC maintenance utilities every now and then. Keeping up with the momentum, K9utilites , a software collection portal administered by Techvedic, brings K9 PC Optimizer, a software that houses everything that a user might need to keep his or her system running well.

K9 PC Optimizer software is compatible with all popular versions of Windows, from XP to Windows 7 to Windows 8.1, and is backed by a team of technical support representatives. The basic concept behind the software is to empower users. It has been designed and developed accordingly to serve the purpose. The software works as an X-ray machine. It can look into the hardware resources and monitor their individual performance. It presents a system summary report depicting the status of RAM, hard disk, processors, graphic card, etc. The user can also learn as how these system resources are contributing in the overall PC performance, and take immediate decision to fix intermediate issues to keep the system running at its peak. The user can enable or disable services as per the current requirement.

This PC tune-up software works on the concept of laissez-faire. Yes, it takes up all the stress and frees the user of technical complexity so that they can work and enjoy without any interruption. It doesn’t wait and watch, instead it takes actions that are required on the user’s behalf. The disc cleanup keeps on eradicating the unnecessary stuffs, viz., temporary files, fragmented files, aborted downloads, obsolete registry entries, etc. that slow down the machine. Likewise, the disk defragmenter keeps programs, files and folders well organized on the system hard disk, which is a must to have quick access to them. Registry cleaner also performs its tasks quite surreptitiously. It performs double tasks, i.e. cure and care. First, it doesn’t allow the outdated or corrupted registry elements to accumulate and, second, it fixes the damaged ones. Thus, without any risk, it lets the users to overcome registry related issues that were often considered as the most critical aspects of any Windows-based PC.

You will be surprised to know that K9 PC Optimizer can bring down the annual PC maintenance budget by 40 per cent. This is what we concluded after experimenting the software on desktops and laptops of varied configuration. Interested in getting the software? Don’t need to check your wallet. Download it for free. Its trail version lasts for 30 days. And if you think we stayed true to the promise, then upgrade it to the paid one. The choice is absolutely yours. Need support or consultation? Write to us at support@k9utilities.com.

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