How to Run k9 Disk Cleanup Utility in Windows 7 & 8

In the course of computing and gaming, we bring about a lot of changes to our computer resources including software and hardware. Every attempt, from turning on the power button to accessing and closing programs and files to browsing and   downloading files, to installing and updating software and driver, generates temporary, fragmented and redundant files and file pieces. To an extent they are helpful as they eases accessibility towards them, but beyond a threshold line they backfire, start creating nuisance and raising software conflicts, registry errors and much more. And yes, we should not forget, they occupy the hard disk and compete with the running programs and services for space and other vital resources… and, gradually, the system instead of running, starts crawling and creeping. Disk clean up or PC optimizer software are meant to address these performance problems.

K9 PC Optimizer, developed by Techvedic, is a trusted Windows 7- and Windows 8-compatible PC tune-up software equipped with disk clean up, disk defragmenter, registry cleaner, PC maintenance, program uninstaller, browser cleaner, duplicate file finder and other components that can help users, irrespective of their tech know-how, to deal with computer performance issues in a quick and easy manner.

If you are puzzled with slow computer issue, and are on Windows platform, we recommend you to download the software, and run the disk cleanup utility. Wondering how to bring the software into action? Continue reading.

  • Double-click “K9 PC Optimizer”.
  • On the dashboard, in the left panel, click “Optimization”.
  • Click “Disk Cleaner” tab available in the right panel, and you are done.

Disk clean up tool will help you get rid of fragmented, temporary or obsolete files or elements of Windows operating system and browser.

To achieve better PC optimization result, run disk defragmenter, registry cleaner and other tools. Access them under “System Tool” from the dashboard itself. In addition, uninstall programs that are not in use using the program uninstaller and configure the startup list available with the PC optimizer software.

Though the software works smoothly on all desktops and laptops running on any version of Windows operating system, K9utilites Helpdesk is ready to provide technical assistance to help you overcome any software problems.

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